21 octombrie 2019


 octombrie 21, 2019
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Milan of RAPAX, our friend from Serbia, after experiencing the competitions (2018 PARO Final; Pyramid Tournament) and taking notice of our great efforts in organizing the events, came to the conclusion that a special reward must be given, to a select few of the participants who have excelled within the game field. He will certainly be delighted to find out that his own spring is being used by the winner of Best Sniper award of PARO Deva 2019 Final (Prodan Vlad – Nemuritorii Cluj). Vlad’s remarks on the quality of the spring are highly spoken, saying that he noticed the high quality of engineering behind the making of the spring, with a low force required to arm the replica and the high force output (2J arming / 3 J output). Super Daddys team was on-site at the event handing the prizes to the selected winners of the Adventure Airsoft Contest. We will continue to chase the winners of the Sniper spings untill all are in custody.

Super Daddys Team


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